The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation Hosts Their First Annual Miss Cinderella Pageant

By:  Trina Liggins-Sledge

The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation put on their First Annual Miss Cinderella Pageant on August 2nd, 2014.  Nine girls from the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas competed for the crown.

The pageant project manager Ms. Tina Shade summarizes the event as “an opportunity to come together as a community to uplift and mold our young girls.”  Instilling in them that “Beauty” is not a pre-requisite for success.

The girls competed in different areas for the competition including talent.  Ashaunti Horton the 2014 Miss Cinderella crown holder won the competition with a poem she wrote entitled “Beauty Through My Veins“.  Ashaunti said

I decided to write a poem because I feel as though poetry is likened to a sweet song that can reach the heart and soothe the soul. My poem was about a young lady who was not seen as “the worlds definition of beautiful” who came to realize that you don’t love yourself because you are beautiful but that you are beautiful because you love yourself.

Ashaunti was crowned Miss Cinderella 2014 not only for her talents, but also because she is a young lady that thrives from uplifting and inspiring others.

As for being crowned the winner of the 2014 Miss Cinderella Pageant, it came as a shock! Instead of focusing on myself I spent the most of the pageant trying to encourage and uplift the other young ladies’ levels of confidence so I really didn’t have time to remind myself that I could do it too.  Winning was truly a beautiful experience that I will remember always!