The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility for each other during the most troublesome times. Our vision is through community outreach and the ethos of The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation, the elderly will be supported, the youth will be educated, the hungry will be fed, the unclothed will be covered, and the impoverished will be restored.

The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.


Welcome To The
Carolyn E. Parker Foundation

Please accept my heartfelt thank you for choosing to visit the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation’s website.

As the founder of the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation, I chose to name the foundation after my grandmother, Ms. Carolyn E. Parker.  Although she developed Alzheimer and passed away too soon, she will always be remembered as a healer; one who was always sacrificially, sensitive to the needs of those around her; a woman who lifted the fallen; restored the broken, and encouraged the discouraged.

Amongst many things, I learned from my grandmother to become someone’s miracle by showing God’s love and mercy everywhere I go.  This will forever remain my declaration!

Thank you for your donations, and your commitment to community outreach through the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation.

Be blessed, and more importantly be a Blessing!



Carolyn E. Parker Foundation
Vice President -
Tina Shade

As the Vice President of the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation, it is my belief that community service should be an important aspect in all of our lives. It is all of our responsibility to aid and uplift all people within our community. Helping others recreate themselves and inspiring them to do better is what makes the world go around. It can only make the community a better place for everyone.

Building a foundation and uplifting children with the gift of hope and confidence is especially significant to me. It is for this reason the welfare of Women and Children will always be dear to my heart. All children need a positive influence and outlet in their lives. As a child, I know how much my relationship with my grandmother, Carolyn E. Parker, my mother, and my aunt meant to me. My grandmother taught me early on to love my neighbor as I would love myself.

I will always have compassion for children and empowering other women. I wish to uphold my grandmother’s legacy and goodwill through my work with the foundation.

Empower others and Embrace Serving your community!!

Tina Shade