Mr. Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the world, once said the greatest investment you will make is within yourself... The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation could not agree with Mr. Buffet more. The Sister too Sister Expo event is a well rounded event highlighting some of the topics most important to women. This event showcases an All male panel speaking about relationships from a male point of view, a financial advisor providing us tips on how to get our money right, a Family Practitioner educating us on healthcare issues that are relevant to women, female bosses/executives speaking about what it takes to run the board room as a woman in a Leadership role, and a funfilled fashion show giving us fashion tips from the board room to the ballroom.. Great Expo experience.

The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation recognizes the importance of strong men leading the way as role models for our youth. It may be the influential words of strong men that may spark a shimmer of light for others to follow. The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation is in agreement with Dr. Phil McGraw when he emphasizes these words, "the most Powerful figure in a child's life is the same sex parent. It is imperative that this parent has a strong presence in their child's life." However, a strong male presence is not always the reality in every child's life. Therefore, these children will lean on men whom surround them with a positive intent, strong voices, love, guidance, and support in the absence of their father. The words of wisdom from the influence of a powerful man in a childs life will set the Foundation for many years to come.

Alzheimer's research is near and dear to the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation as our Grandmother Carolyn Parker passed away over 10 years ago from this tragic disease. The Carolyn E.  Parker Foundation host our All for Alzheimer's Wine Tasting event along side the local Alzheimer's chapter in an effort to raise money to help find a cure for Alzheimers. A representative from the local Alzheimer's chapter is on site to provide literature and answer questions about the disease. It's a fun way to educate the public and bring awareness.

No pain, No gain!! If you want to test your ability to put your money where your mouth is or your foot to the pavement for a great cause, the 5K Walk/Run All for Alzheimer's event is for you. The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation challenges the people within the community to come out to our 5K Run/Walk, sweat, and burn off some calories all in the name of Alzheimers. This is a great way to show your support for family and friends that have been affected by Alzheimers.

The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation knows the importance of giving back to the community. It goes back to the Foundation's mission and the very heart of what the entire Foundation has set forth to do. The Women's Ladies Legacy Luncheon was a Celebration of woman that go above and beyond the call of duty. These Amazing women were hand picked by the leaders of the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation and recognized for their ability to graciously give back to the community. The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation understands that Women wear many hats. In addition to being great mothers, supportive mates, and working professionals, some women take a moment to carve out some time from their busy schedules on a regular basis specifically to give back to the community. We salute these women that stand out, stand up, and make a difference within their community.

It sure is nice to have fun for a good cause. Dj, raffle prizes, dancing, food, friends, and fun! Every year The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation, family, friends, and business partners dance the night away at our Annual Gala Theme Dance Party Event. The Carolyn E. Parker Foundation host our biggest fundraiser of the year to raise funds for Alzheimer's research, Children's Scholarships, and our up coming events. The Dance Party events are 18 years old and up. It is a great way to give back to the community and burn off some Calories too. Come join us every September as we bring the Summer to a close celebrating the many accomplishments of the Foundation, highlight some of our projects, and great people that made the year a success.

Project Cinderella, a community outreach initiative, with public schools, located in Southern Maryland.  We, in confidence, partner with school administrators to ensure girls desiring to attend significant school dances (i.e. eighth grade, homecoming and prom) are afforded an equal opportunity to participate by providing a variety of formal and semi-formal dresses.

With that said, Carolyn E. Parker Foundation donations will go towards Project Cinderella, promoting confidence and enabling girls in desperate economic conditions and/or family turmoil a memorable dance experience.

Thank you, for we could not achieve this without your unwavering support.

The Miss Cinderella pageant event is just one way the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation helps to uplift, build social skills and awareness, instill confidence, and encourage young girls. The Miss Cinderella Pageant’s goal is to maximize the idea that“BEAUTY” is not a prerequisite to be a success. It is your power by way of intelligence, humility, and dignity that will be a determining factor. We should not forget that it is the community that helps shape and mold our children in a powerful way. We must continue to feed them with positivity and meaningful ways of living to enrich their lives. It is events like the Miss Cinderella Pageant that allows children to explore themselves, venture, and create a vision while believing that anything is possible with commitment, dedication, and hard-work.


Miss Cinderella Project Manager Ms. Tina Shade

I was born and raised in New York City but I have called the beautiful city of Virginia Beach, Virginia my home for many years. I am the mother of a 19 year old son and I enjoy listening to music and going out to eat at various restaurants.

It is my belief that community service should be an important aspect in all of our lives regardless to where we live. As a mother of a teenage son, aunt, cousin, and friend, I understand the importance of providing a positive outlet for children. In the past, I have coached cheerleading teams, mentored girls professionally, academically, and personally. All children need a positive influence in their lives. Children are faced with so many challenges within our society today. For this, children has always remained my avenue of giving back to the community. Children are our future leaders and will soon have to apply the knowledge we provide them. As a sociology major, society and how the community is affected by certain issues is and will continue to be a focus for me and our organization.

Project Warm is an annual Christmas Day giveback campaign where the Carolyn E. Parker Foundation provides WARMTH inside and out for the homeless by providing a warm blanket and a hot meal.